Episode 78: Our Impressions of Others with Leor Hackel

Leor Hackel studies how we learn about other people and how we make decisions about them. He’s an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern California, and he uses neuroscience, economic games, and computational models to sort out what’s going on in our heads as we’re getting information about other people.

Things that we mention in this episode

  • Dolf Zillmann’s disposition theory (Zillmann & Cantor, 19721996; also see affective disposition theory [Wiki])
  • The difference between “reward associations” and “trait impressions” in how we learn about other people (Hackel et al., 20202022), including differences in brain processes (Hackel et al., 2015)
  • People will give more to someone who gave them more, even if that person is just as “generous” a person as someone who gave less (Hackel et al., 2018)
  • We can form impressions of others is various sorts of “gist” memories (Hackel et al., in press)


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