SciComm Summer #17: Siri Carpenter on The Open Notebook

Siri Carpenter began her science writing journey without a playbook. She was working on a Ph.D. in social psychology and ended up being awarded a AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship where she got critical experience in the field. From there, she took on assignments, pitched stories, and tried to figure out how to do the job of a science journalist.

In trying to figure things out, she talked to experience writers and thought other people would benefit from what they had to say too. And thus The Open Notebook (TON) was born. It’s been a powerful resource for science writers, providing free access to articles and interviews about the craft. The website also includes courses and a “pitch database.” In 2020, Siri’s edited book “The Craft of Science Writing” was released, featuring new and established articles from TON.

In our conversation, she shares her journey and offers advice for aspiring science journalists.

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