Special: “They Thought We Were Ridiculous”

The Unlikely Story of Behavioral Economics

Two great podcasts. Three years of recording and research. Interviews with the Nobel Laureates, esteemed professors, and policymakers at the heart of a movement. It all combines to tell the unlikely story of how a group of tenacious thinkers pushed back against tradition and built ideas with impact.

Across this five-part series, we tell the story of how some young social scientists took issue with assumptions that economists were making about how people make decisions, and how they ended up transforming the field. Their insights went on to shape governments and businesses around the world.

In a special collaboration with the podcast Behavioral Grooves, we’ve produced a 5-episode series on the growth and influence of this movement in Economics.


Thanks to everyone who lent their voice to this project!


Download PDF versions of the episode transcripts, including references in the footnotes…


In Episode 5, we mistakenly said that people “don’t take as many risks when they’re framed as potential losses…even though they’re relatively happy to take risks when they’re framed as potential gains.” We accidentally got this flipped! In truth, research on prospect theory shows that people tend to be risk-seeking in the loss domain but risk-averse in the gain domain.


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