Episode 84: Moral Lessons in Media with Lindsay Hahn

Lindsay Hahn studies how entertainment media convey moral messages, especially among children. She’s an assistant professor of communication at the University at Buffalo, where she leads the Media Psychology and Morality Lab. We talk about her background, how her team surveys media for the moral lessons they communicate, and how her new work is turning an eye to terrorist propaganda.

Things that come up in this episode:

  • Mr. Rogers’ testimony before a Senate subcommittee.
  • Content analyses of children’s entertainment media (Aley et al., 2021; Hahn, 2022; Hahn et al., 2022a)
  • Effects of media on children’s and adolescents’ morality (Hahn et al., 2022b2022a)
  • Analyses of terrorist propaganda (Hahn et al., 2023b)


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