SciComm Summer #9: Jesse Thorn – Interviewing

Jesse Thorn hosts the show “Bullseye” on NPR where he interviews people in arts and culture. A few years ago, he interviewed a bunch of incredible interviewers for his podcast, “The Turnaround.” He’s just the guy to talk to about the craft of interviewing people of note, which is a skill that’s called for in lots of science communication efforts. So I was excited to meet Jesse and get his take on interviewing, including some really great tangible tips.

And heck, while you’re here, you should check out some other very fun podcasts that Jesse’s involved in: Judge John Hodgman and Jordan, Jesse, Go! As if that weren’t enough, he also runs the menswear blog and shop, Put This On.

You can find the rest of this summer’s science communication podcast series here.


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