SciComm Summer #8: Vanessa Bohns – Writing Books as an Academic

Vanessa Bohns is a social psychologist at Cornell University, and last year she release a book for the public: You Have More Influence Than You Think. It’s a great book about a program of research she’s been working on for year. I wanted to talk to Vanessa about what it was like to translate her research into a format that would be useful and digestible for non-academic audiences. We also talk about why a full-time researcher would take on a project like this, how to actually accomplish it, and then what happens when the book is out there in the world.

Vanessa was a previous guest on Opinion Science (Ep. 19: More Influence Than You Realize with Vanessa Bohns), and it was great to have her back on for this summer’s science communication series.

You can find the rest of this summer’s science communication podcast series here.


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