Episode 93: A Life in Behavioral Science with Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman was a titan in social science. He transformed our understanding of decision-making, he taught a generation about social psychology, he won a Nobel prize. It’s hard to overstate his influence. He passed away last week, and the field is mourning the loss. Along with the hosts of the podcast Behavioral Grooves, I interviewed Kahneman back in 2021, and we used that interview as a foundation of our podcast series, “They Thought We Were Ridiculous: The Unlikely Story of Behavioral Economics.

I had already been considering releasing the full interview as a standalone episode of Opinion Science, and under the circumstances, it felt like sharing it now was a nice tribute to the man who had contributed so much. I hope listening to this is a comforting and warm reminder of his impact on behavioral science.

This isn’t a typical Opinion Science episode, though, because the interview was mostly for research and pulling soundbites. We didn’t set out for it to be a polished standalone interview. As a result, we go down rabbit holes, get technical, assume shared knowledge, etc. So, I make no promises that you’ll follow every moment of the interview if you’re not already familiar with Kahneman’s work, but it might still be a fun listen anyway.

Thanks again to Danny Kahneman for reminiscing about the early days of his career with us.


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