I'm a social psychologist.

Special: “They Thought We Were Ridiculous”


The Unlikely Story of Behavioral Economics Two great podcasts. Three years of recording and research. Interviews with the Nobel Laureates, esteemed professors, and policymakers at the heart of a movement. It all combines to tell the unlikely story of how a group of tenacious thinkers pushed back against tradition and built ideas with impact. Across this five-part series, we tell the story of how...

Introducing a Special New Podcast series


“They Thought We Were Ridiculous: The Unlikely story of Behavioral Economics” Coming February 26th! I team up with the guys at Behavioral Grooves to produce a 5-part podcast series on behavioral economics. We tell the story of how some young social scientists took issue with assumptions that economists were making about how people make decisions, and they ended up transforming the...

Episode 90: How Prejudice Works with Jack Dovidio


Jack Dovidio‘s work is at the heart of how we currently understand the psychology of prejudice. He’s spent his career considering where prejudice comes from, how people express it, how it biases people’s judgments and behaviors, and what we could do to address it. He’s an emeritus professor at Yale University, and he’s also just a really pleasant guy to talk to. In...

Episode 89: Opinions of our Partners with Jim McNulty


Jim McNulty is a professor of psychology at Florida State University. He studies close relationships, and in this episode, we talk about his research on “automatic partner attitudes.” When someone sees their romantic partner, their feelings about that person spring automatically to mind. And sometimes those feelings conflict with what they openly SAY they feel about their partner...

BONUS: “Best” of Opinion Science (2023)


Happy New Year! For the first time in the show’s history, this episode’s a day late. Sorry, dear listeners.So it’s 2024, and what better way to kick off the new year than to dive into some nostalgia for 2023 already? As has become tradition around here, I compiled some clips of favorite moments on the podcast from the last year. As I say every year, it’s not truly a “best of”...

Episode 88: Studying Happiness with Liz Dunn


Elizabeth Dunn studies the psychology of happiness. One of her major research areas has looked at generosity’s effects on well-being. We’re happier when we spend money on other people. But studying happiness has its challenges, especially if we want to build strategies that help people feel happier. So, she shared a snapshot of her research on happiness and a new paper with...

Episode 87: How Juries Decide with Mikaela Spruill


Mikaela Spruill studies juries and the legal system’s role in sustaining social inequalities. She’s a postdoctoral fellow in criminal justice with SPARQ at Stanford University. In our conversation, Mikaela shares the benefits and drawbacks of juries in the courtroom, how scientists study jury decision-making, and how jurors apply very specific legal standards to interpreting the facts of a case...

Episode 86: Framing Political Issues with James Druckman


James Druckman studies how political messages can shape people’s opinions. He is maybe best known for his work on framing issues as a strategic communication strategy. He also has a recent paper on “a framework for the study of persuasion,” which organizes the many variables that matter for persuasion. Transcript Download a PDF version of this episode’s transcript...

Episode 85: Having Curious Conversations with Mónica Guzmán


Mónica Guzmán wants us to have better conversation with the people we disagree with. She’s the Senior Fellow for Public Practice at Braver Angels, and in 2022, she released her book, “I Never Thought of It That Way: How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times.” This year, she launched a brand new podcast called “A Braver Way,” which is...

Episode 84: Moral Lessons in Media with Lindsay Hahn


Lindsay Hahn studies how entertainment media convey moral messages, especially among children. She’s an assistant professor of communication at the University at Buffalo, where she leads the Media Psychology and Morality Lab. We talk about her background, how her team surveys media for the moral lessons they communicate, and how her new work is turning an eye to terrorist propaganda...


I'm a social psychologist.

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