BONUS: “Best” of Opinion Science (2020)

Although 2020 will be remembered mostly for annoyances and deeply tragic events, one thing that kept me going this year was starting this podcast. Being able to talk with friends, people I’ve long admired, and people I had only recently met was a real joy.

I wanted to put together an episode with some notable moments in Opinion Science this year. It’s not truly a “best of” per se because I really am attached to every episode! Although I was learning on the fly how to podcast, there’s aspects of all of this year’s episodes that I value.

So instead, I’ve chosen some particularly meaningful episodes for me, fan favorites, and moments that highlight what this show is all about.

If you’re new to the show, this is a great place to start! And if you’ve been listening since the beginning, join me on some fun memories from this year.


Featured 2020 episodes:


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